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I wanted to take a moment to thank the whole CAMSolar team – from Tony doing a well-polished sales pitch to Brian and Daniel getting the site surveyed, ditched, framed, installed, and wired. Pam and I have done other “large” home projects over the past 30 years – and this one has been the smoothest.

Written by: Written by: Jon M. Boerne – Austin, TX
10kW Solar Carport

I’m very favorably impressed with every facet of your company [CAM Solar]. If you would derive any benefit from having a letter of endorsement from a residential installation, please let me know.

Written by: Peter F. – San Antonio, TX
12kW Roofmount

Cam Solar was one of the most professional companies I’ve ever done business with. Tony came out and did all the proposal work, and I’ve also never had a more knowledgeable representative. The process was explained thoroughly, with all the variables defined. The installation was perfect, and I take friends around the side of the house to show how clean, neat and professional the company’s work was. It is an awesome feeling to see the electricity bill go down.

Written by: Kathy J. – San Antonio, TX
Date published: 2/15/2015

CAM Solar seems to be well established with a sufficient level of experience. They were honest and knowledgeable in the sales presentation with no pressure, gimmicks or tricks. Employees were polite, punctual and communicative. A wide array of brands and types of equipment were offered. Work was performed without a hitch in a timely, neat, professional manner. Overall – highly recommended without reservation.

Written by: George P. – San Antonio, TX
Date published: 1/12/2015

CAM Solar was the best value of 5 bids. They were professional, polite and prompt. They completed the installation on time despite ice on the roof and high winds. This was the least painful home improvement project I have had done!

Written by: Catherine K. – San Antonio, TX
Date published: 2/27/2015

I scheduled an appointment with CamSolar, and Daniel Moyer showed up on time and prepared (Which as a retired military man, is very important to me). Prior to Daniels arrival, my wife and I generated many questions about the entire process of which we knew little about. As we spoke to Daniel, we didn’t have a question he didn’t answer. He stayed at our home until we were fully informed and all our questions were answered professionally. No high-pressure sales, no shameful business tactics, just the truth.

Written by: Don G. – San Antonio, TX

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My wife and I decided right there that we wanted to do business with this well represented and professional company. Prior to our committing to the job, Daniel had already climbed up onto the roof and taken all necessary measurements, after putting the numbers into his phone, he immediately emailed my wife and I a drawing that showed the roof of our home and exactly where the Solar Panels were going to be placed. It was at that point that we said yes and within minutes Daniel emailed my wife and I the finance documents which we signed and submitted immediately. Cam Solar’s use of modern technology was quite impressive.

About a week later Daniel contacted me with an issue. CPS had a problem with the location of my existing electric meter on the side of my house and would not approve a variance. The previous owner of my home had built a mortar wall directly in front of the wall that holds the electric meter, leaving only about a foot and a half between the house wall and the built wall. Daniel stated that the only way CPS would approve the project was if the after market wall was removed.

Shortly thereafter Daniel came to my home with a couple of his men to inspect the wall area, at which time they agreed to remove the after market wall.

The following Friday, I received a call from Cam Solar letting me know that the individual that was going to be removing the wall, would be coming over Monday to tackle the wall and the rest of the team would be at my home on Tuesday to begin the Solar Panel project.

Bobby showed up on time and eager to work and immediately begin, with his team, the process of removing the wall. They removed the wall quickly and even built me another wall to close and open space that had been left when the previous wall had been removed. They completed this project in one day and did an absolutely phenomenal job. Additionally, CamSolar did not charge me for this undertaking.

The crew returned the following morning and begin the process of installing the Solar Panels and conducting the necessary electrical installation. I am compelled to share that the entire crew; Bobby, Alex, Daniel, Jeremy and Tony were impressive from the start. From the outset, they worked extremely well as a team, and were very cordial and respectful all the time. The job took 3 1/2 days to complete (over 70 Panels).

I expect as a consumer, that when I hire someone to do a job that they will be professional, yet these gentlemen outdid themselves and exceeded my expectations. It was very satisfying to see members of the younger generation, taking such pride in their work and driving each other to perfection.

So the one question I want to always ask people who write testimonials is; “Knowing what you know now, would you hire this company again”

My answer is a resounding yes, I only wish I would have hired them sooner!