Automated Backup Power

Preparedness not only protects home and family, but also takes the burden off of emergency response systems, and helps others in the community. Standby power generators play a role in helping others, and provide piece of mind with the knowledge that your home will be up and running automatically within 10 seconds of any power outage. Call or complete the contact form here to learn more.

What is Standby Power?

generator next to a darkened house

  • An automatic power system permanently installed outdoors.
  • The power system includes generator, automatic transfer switch, battery charger and distribution panel.
  • Automatically monitors utility power for interruption.
  • Electrical load runs off generator until utility power is restored.
  • Transfer switch returns electrical load to utility power automatically once it’s restored.
  • Systems may be sized to provide power for the entire house or just selected key appliances.




What Size Backup Generator Do I need for my home?

Call the CAM Solar team at 210-227-3456 or 512-371-3000 to talk to a home generator specialist to zero in on the perfect fit for your home. Or complete the contact for here, and a generator specialist will contact you soon to answer your questions. In the meantime, you can get a sense of the size from the graphic below.

a chart about solar panel statistics