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CAM Solar is a leader in design and installation of solar energy solutions throughout Central Texas. We have a skilled team of electricians, technicians, engineers, designers, and permitters to make sure your project will be done on time, and to the highest standards. Our president (Brian Cullen) and CTO (Daniel Moyer) are both licensed Journeyman Electricians, and NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professionals. We know the ins and outs of the solar panel market and can assure you will make the best choice of a solar panel manufacturer when you work with us.

We offer commercial solar services all throughout the state of Texas, and our free on-site consultation will give you a better understanding of what solar panel solution will fit best into your company. Photovoltaic solar panel systems are the solution to rising costs of energy and high business overhead costs. Take control of your power, and go CAM Solar.

Commercial Solar Benefits

Energy Cost Savings

With energy prices on the rise, gaining energy independence for your business is a smart move to keep energy costs low, or to cut them altogether. The solar panel industry has come a long way, and the market now benefits the buyers. Solar panel conversion rates are nearing 20% which means most of our solar panel systems will reach a return on investment in only 5 years.

Increase Property Value

The value of your assets can play a major role in what decisions you make, and solar is not any different. If you do have to sell your business, your choice to install solar will still pay off. A Berkeley National Laboratory study found that property value increases $5,911 for every kilowatt installed.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint and impact on the environment is a major benefit to installing a solar panel system. Your choice to introduce solar energy into your business can also benefit your company's marketing and branding.

Commercial Solar Financing and Incentives

The upfront cost of solar can be a large investment, and that is why we offer competitive 100% financing plans. Financing plans are not a way for us to profit from you, but to help you gain energy independence. The fixed financing price can replace your fluctuating electricity bills and can even be lower than what you spend on electricity.

We have flexible financing on our systems, and we will work with you to set up the best plan for your company. We’re capable of creating benefit strategies for owner-occupied properties, as well as for lessees and lessors. Call us today to discuss these options. 210-227-3456

Act Now and You Could Recover 100% or More of Installation Costs!

Rebates and Tax Benefits

CAM Solar works with local energy providers and government agencies to offer solar rebates and incentives. We currently have a list of rebates and incentives but there are further resources from agencies like USDA Rural Development and other energy providers. Installation costs can also be partially returned as tax deductions. Visit our page on rebates to learn more.

Up to $80,000 in rebate incentives

Commercial Solar Panels

The commercial solar panel market can be hard to navigate. With numerous manufactures and a wide array of solar panel types making the best choice for your business can be hard. When you work with us we make sure that your solar panel choice is the best for your company.

We first work with you to understand what requirements and space you have available. From there we will narrow the search to a few trusted manufacturers. We go through all of the technical documents to ensure that your pick is the best fit for you and comes with a highly trusted manufacturer’s warranty if something were to go wrong. Our team of solar panel installers have years of training on the best practices and keep up to current standards and efficient designs.

We also aim to be as transparent as possible and work with you on all financing options and assist with managing the rebates you’re eligible for.

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Commercial Solar Case Studies

When you choose CAM solar, our top engineering team design a custom solution that best fits into your business needs. Take a look at a few commercial solar examples to get an idea of how choosing CAM Solar worked for other businesses. There is a story behind each business about quality workmanship, best practices, caring and attentive customer service, and using the right product for the job.

Hewlett Packard. Hockley, Texas.

Efficient Schico Solar modules ground mounted on Uni-rack RackingScope: Design, Installation Oversight and Site Management For HP Data Center.

hp-logoThe CAM Solar team was selected to design a 215 kW installation for the Hewlett Packard Data Center in Hockley, Texas in January of 2010. As a Certified Master Agent for Houston-based Ontility, a renewable energy company, CAM Solar led this project from design to completion. The large commercial solar installation was engineered to involve the ground mounting of 980 Schuco 220 watt modules to a Unirac U-LA mounting structure. Power was fed into switchgear via back-fed breakers from two Advanced Energy PVPowered 100 kW inverters. For the final step, the grid interconnection was made at 480 V with Centerpoint Energy.

The system also used DECK monitoring for live output data that was created to be displayed in the lobby. Capturing the inherent business value of solar as seen by the public. The monitoring hardware used was the Obvious AcquiSuite. Due to Hewlett Packard’s security concerns, the output data was integrating into the controls software of the facility, instead of utilizing the third party web-based software platform.

This commercial installation was completed in only 10-weeks and included site work (grading and trenching), inverter pad foundation, and racking structural piers.

The design of the solar panel system maximized compact efficiency to overcome the limited space available to work with. Despite occupying a small area, the system is easily visible by guests adding positive curb appeal to our building.

Hopkins County Civic Center. Sulphur Springs, Texas.

hopkins-county-civics-centerScope: Design Review and Installation of Thin Film Solar.

CAM Solar completed this 12.2kW roof -mounted system for a residence in the CPS service area. The system utilized Schuco MPE 185 MS-05 modules and S-5! PV Kit racking.

CAM Solar installed the electrical integration of an 188-kW solar system for Hopkins County Regional Civic Center. CAM Solar’s reputation for superior solar engineering led to being chosen as the solar installation provider for this project by a general contractor, Horn Brothers Roofing of Denver, CO. This system integrated over 1400 Thin Film UniSolar laminate PV modules onto a new standing seam metal roof.

CAM Solar’s solar engineers chose UniSolar innovative lightweight panels to drive two Solectria Renewables PVI 95kW inverters that were pad mounted outside of the Civic Center building. The system incorporated Solectria brand combiner boxes, as well as SolrenView inverter- direct monitoring. The monitoring product allows for the system owners to track the production of their new investment, as well as provides alerts in the case of inverter errors or faults. The inverters interconnected at 480 volts to the utility grid at the building’s main 1200A switchgear using a back-fed breaker.

Due to the limited space and panel layout, the roof held five cable trays to direct the 126 home run pairs to their respective combiner boxes. Due to the high number of conductors, this required careful consideration and planning to ensure the proper pairs reached the correct combiner boxes.

Terry Schmid Cattle Ranch. St. Hedwig, Texas.

The customer was looking for a company who could help him take advantage of the Solar San Antonio incentives and help him go green. On his cattle ranch, there was a lack of available space, so CAM Solar killed two birds with one stone. To create the space needed for the size of the system wanted, they helped Terry Schmid build a new custom metal barn to accommodate the ranch’s power needs. The new building on the ranch was a barn that could accommodate 11.6 kW . Initially, Schmid set out to find a solar installer that had a real office and didn’t operate out of a truck. He visited CAM Solar’s office in a landmark building in downtown San Antonio. CAM Solar’s creativity and excellent references sealed the deal.

The engineering and design team, led by Daniel Moyer, took an out of the box approach to arrive at the multi-purpose solution. The metal rooftop was ideal for installing Schuco Panels and a Fronius inverter. The job started two weeks earlier and finished well before the scheduled completion date. In a year of drought and record heat, the new system provided power for all the buildings on the 25-acre ranch and ran the irrigation well pump for the cattle. With the county’s 50% solar energy incentives and federal rebates, it was a very lucrative time to go solar. And the barn serves as the ideal place to store cattle feed throughout the year.

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