solar panel installation on roof

How To Connect Solar Panels To The Grid

Connecting your solar panel system to the grid has a ton of benefits including selling power back to your utility provider and having the security that your home will always have access to electricity. The process can be difficult if you are planning a do it yourself solar installation project, so it is best to leave an installation project to professionals. The pay off having continuous power and the financial reward from selling your power back to the utility provider is well worth connecting to the grid.

large solar panel on lush land

How to Start a Solar Farm

With annual residential energy costs among the top in the nation, Texas is an excellent location for a solar farm. In 2015, solar energy capabilities increased by 65 percent, and there’s still plenty of need for solar energy. But, before you start looking for solar farm land, here’s some things to know about solar farm development.

large high rise building with solar windows

What Are Solar Windows?

Solar windows are windows that function as solar panels to harvest the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity. Building owners can purchase solar windows to replace existing windows or buy solar film to retrofit existing windows. There are a variety of solar windows available, but what exactly are the benefits and challenges of this new technology?

An off grid solar home

Living Off the Grid in Texas

Off the grid living is growing in popularity with a rise in innovative green living design and practices. Living off the grid requires a lot of planning and working within the boundaries of state and local laws.

For some areas in Texas, homes have always been off the grid. Some cabins, lodges, farmhouses, and homes are too far away from a power grid to make connecting feasible.

solar panels at a solar panel manufacturer plant

How Long Do Solar Panels Last

A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that the median solar panel efficiency loss is 0.5%.
This loss is mainly because of ultraviolet radiation which will slowly break down the silicon components in photovoltaic cells. At a 0.5% efficiency loss per year, your solar panels will still work at 90% of the efficiency 20 years after your solar panels are installed.

solar panel with water droplets

Solar Panels and Hail Damage

Most solar panels on the market come in a protective housing. This housing acts as a weather barrier that protects moisture, dust, and projectiles from damaging a solar cell.

The solar panel housing also has a gap between an acrylic sheet of plastic or tempered glass and the silicon solar panel so a large strike will not break the system. The solar cells we use are hail impact tested as part of the certification process.