solar panels at a solar panel manufacturer plant

How Long Do Solar Panels Last

A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that the median solar panel efficiency loss is 0.5%.
This loss is mainly because of ultraviolet radiation which will slowly break down the silicon components in photovoltaic cells. At a 0.5% efficiency loss per year, your solar panels will still work at 90% of the efficiency 20 years after your solar panels are installed.

solar panel with water droplets

Solar Panels and Hail Damage

Most solar panels on the market come in a protective housing. This housing acts as a weather barrier that protects moisture, dust, and projectiles from damaging a solar cell.

The solar panel housing also has a gap between an acrylic sheet of plastic or tempered glass and the silicon solar panel so a large strike will not break the system. The solar cells we use are hail impact tested as part of the certification process.