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We at Cam Solar make going solar easy for you. We help you through every step of the process from selecting the right photovoltaic system, to permitting and from installation to rebates. Since Cam Solar opened its doors in 2009, we have installed thousands of systems throughout Central Texas and have built up a wealth of knowledge about the solar panel industry. One of the many benefits of choosing Cam Solar is that you will be advised of the current solar panel market options to find the best product with trusted warranties to fit your needs.

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Austin Climate

Austin’s climate is ideal for installing solar panels on your home with on average of 228 sunny days per year and mild temperatures. Some issues that affect homeowners are due to foliage and tree coverage casting shadows on their roofs. During our free on-site consultation, we will be able to assess where to optimally place solar panels to be least affected by shadows and if your roof is right for solar.

Austin Residential Solar

With the amazing incentives, rebates, and deals running on solar panels, installing a photovoltaic system to power your Austin home has never been an easier choice. The return on investment on installing solar on your home continues to increase as solar panel efficiency rises, and the price of panels continues to fall. During our free consultation, we will be able to generate a 3D model of your home to simulate how different photovoltaic systems will perform on your roof, and what kind of energy returns you will expect to see.

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Commercial Solar

If your business is suffering from high overhead due to electricity costs, it may be time to invest in a solar panel system. Solar panels will pay off over time and have the ability to grow with your business. If you plan on moving your company to a different location or selling it in the future, solar panels will still add value to your property if you do intend on selling.

Cam Solar started as a commercial solar installation team and grew to offer residential installations. Since we opened CAM Solar in 2009 we have picked up a wealth of knowledge about large solar panel installation projects, and we have streamlined the process to keep the costs low to you. Installing solar panels on your property not only has the benefit of cutting electricity costs or becoming solar independent, but you will be investing in improving the environment through renewable energy.

We install commercial solar projects all throughout Texas, for more information visit our commercial solar page.

Residential Roof Mounted Solar

Mounting solar panels on your roof is the least intrusive way to install a photovoltaic system on your property. If you have an Austin home with an older roof, we will add extra struts and beams to ensure that your roof will be able to hold the extra weight of a solar panel system. With a variety of solar panel options available on the market, we will be able to work with the layout and orientation of your roof to design a solar panel system that will maximize efficiency with the lowest upfront costs.

Residential Ground Mounted Solar

Ground mounted photovoltaic systems are also an option for Austin homes. Some roofs may not be oriented in the right direction to make the most of the sun’s light. If your property has an ample amount of space, a ground mounted system may be the right choice for you.

Austin Solar Financing Options

If the upfront cost of installing solar on your property is too high for you, we have great financing options available. Instead of paying high utility bills, our financing options will help you grow towards solar independence.

Austin Rebates And Incentives

We work with Austin Solar and use federal tax credits to help pay for your solar panel installation project. For more information visit our Solar Rebates and Incentives page.

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