Wind Energy

Wind Energy Technology – Mainstream, Affordable and Sustainable.

Wind energy technology is becoming mainstream; residential and commercial wind turbines are a cost-efficient and environmentally responsible option for homes and business of all sizes. Initially created to bring energy to rural areas, wind energy systems are now used to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and make clean, sustainable energy available in every corner of the world.

Today, wind energy technology is used in multiple applications, reducing monthly power bills in utility-connected homes and businesses, and bringing a dependable energy supply to areas utility companies do not serve, such as remote homes, RVs, telecommunication systems, off-shore platforms, and even third-world countries. Wind turbines can even be used for pumping fresh water for countries where clean water is hard to come by. Wind energy solutions can be tailored for on- and off-grid homes, businesses, municipalities, sailboats, radio towers, and more.  Take control of your own energy production and make an impact on the world’s future by decreasing the carbon footprint of your home or business with clean, sustainable low-cost wind energy technology.

Contemporary Uses for Small Wind Turbines:

  • Utility-connected homes (on-grid)
  • Remote homes and cabins (off-grid)
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Sailboats
  • Commercial sites
  • Offshore platforms
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail businesses
  • Municipalities
  • Schools
  • Retail stores

We are proud to offer residential and commercial wind turbines from Southwest Windpower, a company with a 25-year history of constant innovation, which offers a range of small wind turbines for remote and utility-connected homes and businesses.

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About Residential Wind Energy

Wind is all around you–a free resource for your use!  With your own residential wind turbine, you can harness the wind to power your home, reduce pollution, lower your electric bills, and decrease dependence on foreign oil—right from your own backyard. We offer solutions for both utility-connected and off-grid residences, and can install a turbine in your backyard within approximately one week, with no major construction hassles or disruption of your family life, and your backyard windmill makes a visible statement to your community of your belief in sustainable energy. Tax incentives are available, as well as innovative financing through multiple public and private funds, banks and insurance companies.

  • Utility-connected (on-grid) homes: If you are currently receiving power – and bills – from your local electric company, your home is considered utility-connected, or on-grid. A personal wind turbine installed in your backyard works in tandem with the electricity provided by your utility company. When there is sufficient wind (approximately 8 mph or more), your wind turbine will generate enough electricity to power your family’s home. If you use more than the turbine is producing, electricity takes over. And when your turbine produces more than you are using, you sell the excess power back to the utility company.
  • Off-grid homes: If your home is receiving power from a battery system, it is considered off-grid. A wind turbine powering your secluded home, cabin or hideaway can work alone or in combination with solar power to keep your batteries charged.

About Commercial Wind Power

Restaurants, stores, hotels and factories, including many of your competitors, are all using wind power right now to power their businesses and light their facilities.  It just makes good business sense; not only will wind energy lower your costs of doing business, but it will also drive customer goodwill, loyalty and free publicity on your demonstrated environmental responsibility. No matter how much or how little energy your site requires, we have commercial wind turbines to match your needs. Installing just one wind turbine on your site can save thousands of dollars per year of generator run-time.  Multiple government tax incentives and innovative financing options through multiple public and private funds, banks and insurance companies are available to expedite your purchase.

You can lower your utility costs by using small commercial wind turbines on your existing or new site, which may be used in combination with solar, battery or electric power.  Existing applications include:

Telecommunications towers
Off-shore drilling platforms
Remote drilling locations
Lighting for industrial facilities
Lighting for off-grid sites
Shopping centers/single retail
Sports facilities
Emergency power generation
Submerged cathodic protection
Light industrial
Water pumping systems
Advertising billboards


About Municipal and Educational Wind Energy Technology

Municipalities, regional governments and school systems must set examples for their communities, and every day, more do so by installing wind turbines at schools and public buildings.  The wind energy systems not only lower utility bills, making taxpayers happy in the short term, but also provide cleaner air, a greener future, and an important move towards energy independence, ensuring a long-term benefit for taxpayers and their families.

For schools, installing wind energy systems opens up exciting, hands-on educational opportunities for students in science, math, civics and the environment. Some schools also may qualify for discounts or outside funding and support to install a wind turbine.

With a relatively small one-time investment in wind turbines, cities, counties and even states can start producing their own energy to help power government buildings and schools while helping educate citizens about the benefits of wind energy technology.  Wind energy works hand-in-hand with solar, electric and battery-generated energy; when your power use is greater than that being produced by your wind turbines, your alternate energy systems kick in.

Here are a few examples of other cities using wind energy technology:

  • Berkeley, CA – Park and Nature Center>>
  • Boston, MA – City Hall roof>>
  • Boston, MA – Museum of Science>>
  • Chicago, IL – Museum of Science and Industry>>
  • Hesperia, CA – City Hall>>
  • Juneau, AK – Coast Guard Station>>
  • Mackinaw City, MI – Eight-turbine micro-grid at Straits State Harbor>>
  • Peoria, AZ – Boat Marina>>
  • Perryville, AK – Village micro-grid created with 10 systems>>