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Hopkins County Civic Center. Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Scope: Design Review and Installation of Thin Film Solar.

CAM SOLAR completed this 12.2kW roof -mounted system for a residence in the CPS service area. The system utilized Schuco MPE 185 MS-05 modules and S-5! PV Kit racking.

CAM SOLAR installed the electrical integration of a 188 kW solar system for Hopkins County Regional Civic Center. CAM SOLAR’s reputation for superior solar engineering led to being chosen as the solar installation provider for this project by general contractor, Horn Brothers Roofing of Denver, CO. This system integrated over 1400 Thin Film UniSolar laminate PV modules onto a new standing seam metal roof.

CAM SOLAR’s solar engineers chose UniSolar innovative lightweight panels to drive two Solectria Renewables PVI 95kW inverters that were pad mounted outside of the Civic Center building. The system incorporated Solectria brand combiner boxes, as well as SolrenView inverter- direct monitoring. The monitoring product allows for the system owners to track the production of their new investment, as well as provides alerts in the case of inverter errors or faults. The inverters interconnected at 480 volts to the utility grid at the building’s main 1200A switchgear using a back-fed breaker.

Due to the limited space and panel layout, the roof held five cable trays to direct the 126 home run pairs to their respective combiner boxes. Due to the high number of conductors, this required careful consideration and planning to ensure the proper pairs reached the correct combiner boxes.

Terry Schmid Cattle Ranch. St. Hedwig, Texas.

Customer was looking for a company who could help him take advantage of the Solar San Antonio incentives and help him go green. On his cattle ranch, there was a lack of available space, so CAM SOLAR killed two birds with one stone. To create the space for the necessary space for the size system wanted, they helped Terry Schmid build a new custom metal barn to accommodate the ranch’s power needs. The new building on the ranch was a barn that could accommodate 11.6 kws . Initially, Schmid set out to find a solar installer that had a real office and didn’t operate out of a truck. He visited CAM Solar’s office in a landmark building in downtown San Antonio. CAM SOLAR’s creativity and excellent references sealed the deal. The engineering and design team, led by Daniel Moyer, took an out of the box approach to arrive at the multi-purpose solution. The metal rooftop was ideal for installing Schuco Panels and a Fronius inverter. The job started two weeks earlier and finished well before the scheduled completion date. In a year of drought and record heat, the new system provided power for all the buildings on the 25 acre ranch as well as run the well for the irrigation for the cattle. With the county’s 50% incentives and federal rebates, it was a very lucrative time to go solar. And the barn serves as the ideal place to store cattle feed throughout the year.


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