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Hewlett Packard. Hockley, Texas.

Scope: Design, Installation Oversight and Site Management For HP Data Center.

The CAM Solar team was selected to design a 215 kW installation for the Hewlett Packard Data Center in Hockley, Texas in January of 2010. As a Certified Master Agent for Houston-based Ontility, a renewable energy company, CAM SOLAR led this project from design to completion. The large commercial solar installation was engineered to involve the ground mounting of 980 Schuco 220 watt modules to a Unirac U-LA mounting structure. Power was fed into switchgear via back-fed breakers from two Advanced Energy PVPowered 100 kW inverters. For the final step, the grid interconnection was made at 480 V with Centerpoint Energy.

The system also used DECK monitoring for live output data that was created to be displayed in the lobby. Capturing the inherent business value of Solar as seen by the public. The monitoring hardware used was the Obvious AcquiSuite. Due to Hewlett Packard’s security concerns, the output data was integrating into the controls software of the facility, instead of utilizing the third party web based software platform.

This commercial installation was completed in only 10 weeks and included site work (grading and trenching), inverter pad foundation, and racking structural piers.

CAM SOLAR utilized their renown excellence in solar engineering and design to create a smart solution to the overcome very limited space at the site. The design of the system utilized a minimum amount of space for maximum energy harvest, while allowing for good aesthetics and high visibility for passers-by and guests.


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