San Antonio & Solar

Building a Relationship with the Community.

Being in the Texas solar energy business means sharing the same level of commitment to creating a better world as our distinguished customers. Veteran-owned and -operated since 1980, CAM SOLAR has served our local military, proud homeowners, and commercial businesses by focusing on just one thing—solar. We live and breathe excellence in all aspects of our business—from sales and customer support to operations to engineering to post-sale service. It’s this devotion and commitment to providing you with the best possible experience that makes us a quintessential American company. Our service record in the renewable energy industry stretches back over 30 years, and will continue to define us long into the future.

Our determination to do the right thing forms the very foundation of our business and our team. Dedication to this principle marks every CAM SOLAR employee—from our CEO, who teaches Solar PV classes at Alamo College, to one of our engineers, who rides his bicycle to work each day. We are truly committed to developing affordable renewable energy solutions for our community and for future generations.

We demonstrate our devotion to that mission and to our worldwide community by making solar energy accessible to those who need it the most. In 2010, we traveled to Haiti and installed a solar energy system for a local school after hearing about the massive damages caused by the earthquake a few weeks before. However, it’s not just the system that makes a difference; we teach and educate communities on other ways to benefit from solar energy.

As the fastest-growing city of all Texas solar energy centers, San Antonio is CAM SOLAR’s territory, and though we service all parts of Texas, we are fiercely proud of and loyal to our “home base.” With rising energy costs, continually improving solar technology, and quickly depleting natural resources, now is the most ideal time to go solar with CAM SOLAR—the best choice to fulfill your energy needs.