Residential Solar Install

Residential Solar Electric Systems San Antonio

Bring solar power home with residential solar electric systems! There are many reasons, especially in Texas, for using the power of the sun to provide electric energy for your household needs. End your hate relationship with that monthly utility bill; there are incentives and rebates for solar power available that make going solar one of the soundest investments you can make to support your home, family, community, and our planet. CAM SOLAR would love to help you open your home to the wonders of solar energy; there are great financing options available for residential solar electric systems. Plus, it’s fun to watch your electric meter run backwards while your home increases in value!


Far from being clunky or eyesores, the solar panels from CAM SOLAR’s innovative manufacturing partners are streamlined and come in various aesthetically pleasing options to create fantastic architectural interest. There’s an art to solar; let CAM SOLAR hold the brush.


CAM SOLAR’s low cost solar panels produce up to 50% more energy than traditional photovoltaic solar panels, increasing efficiency and requiring less roof space. Solar panels come with an inverter, which converts the collected solar energy from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) power, which can be used in your home.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Whenever you read about solar panels, you’ll hear about your electric meter running backwards. This process is known as ‘net metering.’ What does this mean? Well, demand on the power grid is highest during the middle of the day; coincidentally, that’s when your solar panels are pulling in the most energy from the sun. So when demand on your utility company is high across the grid, you allow them to siphon extra energy produced by your panels to help support that demand. In return, they give you a credit on your utility bill or account. Those credits, combined with what you’re personally saving by using solar power instead of the grid, will make up for your initial investment in residential solar electric systems.