Rebates and Incentives

Don’t Miss Out on Historic Savings!

Act now to take advantage of up to $25,000 in rebate incentives for a top tier system from one of the world’s top 5 global solar panel manufacturers.  Leaving you with Payback Periods as low as 8-9 Years!

How is this possible?

  • Solar panel prices have dropped as much as 50%
  • Local Utility Companies like CPS, Austin Energy, and Oncor will pay up to 40% of your install cost upfront
  • The Federal Government will reduce your tax bill by 30% of your “Out Of Pocket Cost”


Why CAM Solar?

CAM Solar is an award winning, veteran owned, design and installation team headquartered in San Antonio and:

  • Offers turnkey design, rebate and solar contracting services
  • Handles all rebate & interconnection paperwork
  • Handles all permits and inspections

Let our Certified experts get your System Started right now and don’t miss out on these savings!

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Details about Rebates and Incentives

Going solar has never been more cost-effective and simple for homeowners than right now! Residential solar rebates and incentives are available on a Federal and Local level. CAM Solar makes it simple by handling the entire paperwork process for you. Our expert team members know the details for solar rebates and incentives and will help you to determine the right system size and type for the most cost effective solution.

Federal Tax Credits

The Federal Government provides a flat 30% credit based on your portion of the full system price after installation, with no upper limit. The savings then comes to you as a tax credit. The qualifying system must provide electricity for your residence and must meet applicable fire and electrical code requirements. For more information on the Federal Tax Credit, click here.


CPS Rebate program

The CPS Energy Solar Initiative Rebate Program offers a rebate level of $1.60 per watt, which can pay for up to half of the cost of your new solar energy system. Solar projects are rebated up to $25,000 for residential systems.  For more information on the CPS Rebate program, click here or call us to talk to one of our CPS Energy Solar Rebate specialists today.

Austin Energy Rebate program

Austin Energy offers great rebates to encourage residential customers to install solar energy systems. The current solar rebate level is $1.25 per Watt.  This rebate can cover up to 80% of the cost of a solar PV system.  Individual projects are limited to $15,000 per fiscal year with a lifetime maximum of $50,000.  Call us today and talk to one of our Austin Energy Solar Rebate Specialists today.

Oncor Solar Rebate Program

Oncor offers a solar rebate to help residential and commercial customers reduce their electric demand and their bills.  The current rebate level for the Oncor Solar Rebate Standard Offer Program is $1.09 per Watt.  This rebate can provide a large discount for your new solar electric system installation.  Call us today to talk to an Oncor Solar Rebate Program Specialist.

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