The Management Team

The Right Choice For Your Solar Installation.

The company is headed by a dynamic US Marine Corp Veteran and powered by a team of solar professionals who have true Texas grit and passionately believe the right attitude and never-ending commitment to excellence creates the unique “CAM SOLAR Experience”.


Brian Cullen, President

There is an exhilarating force within Brian Cullen. His passion for his family, his town and his chosen profession are present in abundance. A graduate of the School of Renewable Energy at San Juan College, Brian served his country as a Marine in the Persian Gulf War. After the end of military service, he headed for the Chicago Board of Trade where he honed his decision-making ability and figured out what was his real calling was: increasing the proliferation of renewable energy with the plan to play an active role in how the world is powered. Together with Daniel Moyer he launched CAM SOLAR to be the best solar-only energy system provider in San Antonio. A NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional TM and a licensed Journeyman Electrician, Brian is now at the helm of all operations at the company’s headquarters in San Antonio.


Daniel Moyer, Chief Technical Officer

Behind every well-built solar system is an engineer. But few are as dedicated to the process and are as deeply involved with providing a fusion of what a customer wants and what will perform best, creating a solution that exceeds their expectations. Daniel is dedicated to making superior solutions that harness the forces of nature to the maximum degree. A licensed Journeyman Electrician and a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional TM, he graduated magna cum laude from The University of Pittsburgh, then he attended San Juan College’s Renewable Energy Program, where he was honored with the Award for Renewable Energy Excellence. He is one of the original founders of CAM SOLAR. He has a wide range of interests from philosophy to cycling and nutrition. He designed and built the Solar Roller, a full solar-powered roving Solar Education Center.


Tony Contreras, Head of Business Development

When you sit down with Tony, you know you are with a professional that cares about the results of the Solar System you are buying. His BA degree in Quantitative Economics and Decision Science unfolds as you are expertly guided through the financial benefits of solar. A natural people person, he leads you professionally through the entire sales process. Tony holds a NABCEP Certificate of Excellence in Solar PV Sales and is extremely knowledgeable about our different products and what truly differentiates CAM SOLAR in the San Antonio market. He is highly focused on providing the ultimate solar customer experience here at CAM SOLAR.