Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Systems for Business and Government.

What do commercial solar systems say about your business? Visible on your roof, a renewable energy installation tells your clients, partners, and the community at large that you are doing your part to protect the environment. This increases the value of your company in their eyes, and influences not only the way they view you, but also your products and services. Solar energy becomes the “warm” part of your business—pun intended. CAM SOLAR can help you to recognize and capitalize on the benefits, both tangible and intangible, of installing commercial solar systems.

What’s Happening to the Price of Energy?

Utility companies are just like any other company; they’re always looking for ways to increase their revenue stream. So over the next three to five years, you can expect to see increases in charges, based on quantity, time, season, weather conditions, or any number of other factors that might cause variance in the amount of energy your business uses.

On the other hand, the cost of solar energy continues to drop, as you can see in our infographic on solar energy production in the United States.

By installing commercial solar systems, you can get out from under the utility company’s thumb, producing your own energy. Fortunately for you, the sun’s price for energy never changes—it’s free. By reducing or eliminating your reliance on utility companies for energy, you free up extra resources to invest in practices that will reduce your carbon footprint and increase your bottom line.

Ready to get ‘solar-tastic?’ Call CAM SOLAR right now! With all of the government’s solar power incentives—such as the current federal tax rebate of 30% for commercial enterprises—along with local incentives and accelerated depreciations, there has never been a more ideal time to install a commercial solar system on your roof. CAM SOLAR can accurately evaluate the available space on your roof best suited for maximum solar return on your investment. The engineers at CAM SOLAR work hand-in-hand with your engineering and facilities manager to create the best possible solar solution to make your energy consumption costs more sustainable. Contact us today for a free estimate!