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Solar In New Construction–Tips and Benefits

Solar in New Construction—Tips and Benefits We at CAM Solar often get requests for design assistance from homebuilders and people looking to incorporate solar into their new homes.  This makes sense since the most logical time to go solar is

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Bulverde Village Home Goes Solar

Bulverde Village Going Solar One Home at a Time CAM Solar just completed another residential solar install in the Bulverde Village area.  This system is powered by the world’s most efficient solar panels from Sunpower.  The solar electric system incorporates

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Learn About Solar Energy: History of Solar in the US

Looking to learn about solar energy? With a little research, you’ll quickly find that electric solar systems are quickly becoming the best energy source of the future. Solar power has been available for residential and commercial use for many years;

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Photovoltaic Solar Energy Generation: Smart Business Solutions for Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic solar energy is electrical energy harvested from the sun. Solar power has been a subject of scientific research since the early 1800s; however, its popularity is more universal now than ever before. During fair weather, a photodiode allows solar

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Estimating the Cost of Installing Solar Panels

Like anything else, the biggest consideration before a purchase is cost—going solar is no different. Indeed, even the most environmentally conscious consumers sometimes forego solar panel installation due to perceived cost or balk at the length of time before a

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Future of Solar Energy

Solar energy is sometimes seen as a nascent industry, given its cutting-edge technology; yet CAM Solar has been building solar arrays since the cusp of the disco era in 1980. Still, doubts persist in some circles about the industry’s long-term

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Wind vs. Solar Power: Which Wins?

In discussions on sustainability, the two titans of renewable energy—wind vs. solar power—are invariably trotted out like two heavyweights in the boxing ring. With due deference to the viability of wind power, the tale of the tape yields advantages to

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Solar Power Incentives: The County Variety

You’d be hard pressed to find people who don’t think alternative energy is a good thing for our country. With so much dependence on foreign crude oil, almost monthly stories of coal miners trapped miles underground, and a continuing rise

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Europe Embraces Solar Renewable Electric Energy

A lot of Americans might have descended from the continent just across the Atlantic, but our nation has progressed independently enough to start European trends, and solar energy is one of them. A new UN report shows that solar renewable

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Can You Live on an Off-Grid Energy System?

Living off-the-grid means you live in an autonomous household where you provide at least one of your public utilities yourself. This can be water, sewer, gas, electricity, all of the above or any combination of those components. Can your home

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