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Solar and Energy Storage Go Hand in Hand

In the growing commercial and utility scale solar markets, battery storage is becoming a commonplace addition.  As the technology gets ever better with Lithium Ion batteries, the costs associated with battery storage are becoming more feasible.  The value added from

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Repeat Commercial Solar Customer

Another Satisfied Repeat Commercial Solar Customer CAM Solar completed a 26 kilowatt solar electric system for the La Estrella Adult Day Care on South Flores in San Antonio, TX. This is the second solar energy system CAM Solar has completed

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Commercial Solar Systems: Satisfied Clients!

In an age of increased environmental awareness, achieving green designation status in the corporate landscape is like a badge of honor. Commercial solar systems give businesses a huge push towards becoming green. At CAM Solar’s headquarters city of San Antonio,

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Solar Industry News: Solyndra Aside, Industry Growing at Remarkable Rate

The singular failure of Solyndra—a company federally backed with a $535 million guaranteed loan only to go later go bankrupt—cast a pall over solar industry news. Notwithstanding that failure, though, a close look at the solar energy industry reveals a

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Learn About Solar Energy: History of Solar in the US

Looking to learn about solar energy? With a little research, you’ll quickly find that electric solar systems are quickly becoming the best energy source of the future. Solar power has been available for residential and commercial use for many years;

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Grid-Tied Solar Electric Systems: Produce Your Own Energy, and Sell the Rest to Your Electric Company

The installation of grid-tied solar electric systems has changed the way consumers, business owners and industry leaders think about energy. Affordable and effective for both residential and commercial, installation makes solar technology practical for every home or business. Solar energy

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Photovoltaic Solar Energy Generation: Smart Business Solutions for Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic solar energy is electrical energy harvested from the sun. Solar power has been a subject of scientific research since the early 1800s; however, its popularity is more universal now than ever before. During fair weather, a photodiode allows solar

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San Antonio: A Leader in Affordable Renewable Energy

With its San Antonio base, CAM Solar is in the right place at the right time; the city is fast becoming a solar energy hub, garnering national attention for its push towards affordable renewable energy. The city is home to

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United States Solar Energy Production Data Visualization

US Solar Energy Production Moss Data visualization For centuries, people have been finding ways to gather power from the sun. The ancient Romans put glass and mica in their southern-facing doors to harness the sun’s warmth. In 1861, August Mouchout

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Future of Solar Energy

Solar energy is sometimes seen as a nascent industry, given its cutting-edge technology; yet CAM Solar has been building solar arrays since the cusp of the disco era in 1980. Still, doubts persist in some circles about the industry’s long-term

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