how to choose the right solar panels

How To Choose The Right Solar Panels

Today we’re going to discuss the basics of a solar panels and solar panel choices for creating clean, cheap energy for your home. The heart of the PV system is the solar panel or module. This is where the magic happens and solar photons are converted into direct current electricity. Each panel is roughly 3.5 feet by 5.5 feet and weighs about 45 pounds. Most solar panels are composed of silicon solar cells encased in a tempered glass and aluminum frame. The panels are very sturdy and the tempered glass is hail impacted tested as part of the certification process.

picture of sun shining onto road

Solar Roadways: Route of the Future?

If you’ve browsed news headlines recently, you’ve probably noticed that solar power has become a hot topic of discussion. A new project called Solar Roadways has taken the world by storm with an idea that would revolutionize the way we drive. The campaign pushes the US to cover roads with intuitive solar panels that will generate electricity for surrounding homes and businesses.

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US Solar Energy Production Infographic

For centuries, people have been finding ways to gather power from the sun. The ancient Romans put glass and mica in their southern-facing doors to harness the sun’s warmth. In 1861, August Mouchout created a steam engine fueled by the sun. And in 1953, Bell Laboratories developed the precursor to the modern solar cell. In recent years, the need to “go green” and promotion of sustainable infrastructure has increased the interest in solar energy technology .