About Solar Electricity

The Real Scoop on PV Solar Energy Systems

Perhaps you have heard that strange word: Photovoltaics (better known as PV). PV solar energy systems generate electricity from sunlight, with no noise, pollution, or moving parts. Solar electricity is a remarkable way to produce clean and reliable electricity. Solar energy systems can be installed either a back-up solution to power-grid failure or as a grid-connected system providing you free energy. The advantage of a grid-connected system is that you can earn credit with your utility company when the system produces more electricity than you use. You can actually watch your electric meter run backwards!

PV solar energy systems are simple. They’re comprised of solar panels, racks for mounting the panels on the roof or ground, electrical wiring, and an inverter. Electricity generated by solar panels is DC, or direct current, which is similar to that generated by a battery. The inverter will take the DC current and change it to AC, or alternating current, which is the electricity used in homes or businesses and by the power utility.

Once you have a CAM Solar renewable energy power system installed, the panels silently generate electricity during daylight hours. The electricity is sent to the inverter, where it is converted from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), which is then available for use.

The electricity produced from the PV solar energy system and the amount of electricity consumed is monitored by the utility company through a process called net metering. If the solar system generates more electricity than is used by the home, the meter spins backwards and the power is sent to the utility company. When more power is used than generated (like at night, for example), electricity is drawn back from the utility to supply the power required. This is one way that solar energy helps the environment. By converting your home or business to solar energy, you create electricity that the utility does not have to find elsewhere, using fossil fuels, nuclear power, or other non-renewable energy sources. The energy you create that is not immediately used by you becomes an energy “credit” that allows you to take energy back from the utility at a later time without incurring additional costs.

Going green with solar energy lets you enjoy government subsidies for solar energy as well as several government incentives for renewable energy. These can be supplemented with various state grants and rebates. This makes financing solar energy in your residence or business both economical and environmentally sound.

Save money and realize the advantages of solar energy; contact CAM Solar to discuss the benefits of a PV solar energy system and whether your home or business is well situated for installation and energy conversion.